Emphasis on Product Quality
Quality is the backbone of our success. We always deliver the best level of quality assurance and consistency in our products. The quality you can expect from Green Day goes far beyond the value of products we supply.
Green Day is the first in China to focus on the PSM cutlery and R & D of CPLA cutlery. Since 2005, our focus on the manufacture of eco-friendly cutlery does not waver.
Competitive Pricing
As strategic business partner with the leading bioplastic raw material suppliers, we are able to control the production cost right from the beginning. Our continuous efforts on technology innovation and management optimization also drive down our production cost.
Reliable & On-time Delivery
Integrity is the core spirit of our business management. We always deliver on time. We do not make promises that we could not keep. Green Day always suits the action to the word.
Favorable Payment Terms
Aiming at long-term business relationship, we are willing to make some compromise to support our key customers in terms of favorable payment terms. Long-term pricing stability is also part of our commitment & support to our customers.
Highest Product & Manufacturing Certifications
Green Day is committed to ensure the quality and integrity of every one of our products. We hold the highest certifications and accreditations for our product cliams and company management system.
Welcome any third-party, on-site audits! Come and find out what a great company we are!